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Welcome To Surfin The World
10,000 Signup Credits
1,000 Signup Bonus Credits per referrals
1 credit for each site your referrals surf
2 Credits per site view.
7 second Timer Auto,5 Second Manual.

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You are just moments away from a Traffic Exchange that offers you all the power and benefits that you have been looking for.
Developed by surfers for surfers, this script combines all the features you need, all that you could wish for into one simple to use system.
It is free to join and you can begin to enjoy the benefits today.

So Many Great Ways To Earn Credits

  • Auto Surf or Manual Surf, your choice.
  • 10 second timer auto,5 second timer manual
  • Signup bonus (you will have to surf 50 Auto and Manual sites to earn them).
  • Random Surfbar bonuses (you need to click them to earn them).
  • View PTC Ads.
  • Earn when your referrals surf.
  • Play online games.
  • Random Prize Pages (click to win).
  • Progressive surf ratios, surf today and benefit tomorrow.
  • You are allowed 2 sites,banners,or ads with the same URL Domain only

More Features

  1. Prize Pages to win Banner Ad, Featured Ad, Text Ad or Surfbar Ad.
  2. Splash Pages and banners to help you promote and build your downline.
  3. Earn commissions on referral spends (varies on your membership level).
  4. Regular competitions, earn Credits, Banner ads, Text ads, Featured ads, Surfbar ads or even the First Page shown to all surfers.
  5. Anti-cheat protection is built in.
  6. Safe surfing, all sites are checked by admin before they are approved.
  7. Easy access to Admin support.

Getting Started Is so Easy

  • Signup for your FREE account today (read our Terms first).
  • Activate your account when you receive our Welcome email (if your email address bounces you will not get the activation link and you will not be allowed access, we recommend that you use a free Gmail account).
  • Add your sites (admin will check them before they are approved).
  • Surf and earn.
  • Credits will be automatically assigned to your sites.
  • Purchase credits, banner ads, featured ads, text ads, surfbar ads when you need them.
  • Upgrade your account and enjoy even more benefits.
  • NO Masked URLs (example:,, ect...)
  • NO Sites,banners or ads with exit pages
  • Video must load in 10 seconds.
  • Tester sites and members from Pakistan are NOT Accepted.
  • You are allowed 2 sites,banners,or ads with the same URL Domain only
  • We Use A Double Opt-In Process For New Accounts,Click The Activation Link In The Welcome Email,Check Your Spam Folder

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Wilfried Karpowski102
Office Angel70
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Robert Norton9
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Welcome to SurfinTheWorld! $1.00 account cash per active referrals,new banners and splash pages are available,surf for cash is on,500 Signup Bonus Credits per referrals.

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